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To get into the TOP 1%, you have to change something! You have to question everything you've been told about trading!

3 setups with a statistical basis

DAX  9 o'clock  anomaly discovered
Do gaps really close more often? The surprising discovery
When does the DAX make its profits? Easy to implement with 1 minute of effort per day
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Who is Frank?

In his 6 years of experience on the stock exchange, Frank had to determine one thing: Big money on the stock exchange can only be earned outside of mainstream trading.

To get into the top 1% of traders, one must not swim with the crowd and confide in the "gurus". Frank is of the opposite opinion of much of what is considered "standard" in the trading scene and gives reasons for this.

Frank is known by his followers for addressing the uncomfortable truths in trading, confronting these problems, and then wondering how to solve them.

In this free online training, Frank reveals many secrets that almost no one knows - but which are essential for successful stock market trading.

This free training is designed to uncover trading myths and guide traders on the road to success. So reserve your place now while the possibility still exists.

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