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Overnight Strategy: Has proven to generate 13,935 points with minimal time investment - Perfect for working people - Trades in the evening - Statistically tested - Earn money while you sleep
The Gap Lie: Are gaps really closing more frequently? Facts beat theories & claims - traders are not to blame, but the strategies traded are bad
DOW Turnaraound Strategy: Market Edge after Market Opening 
The Plan & Calculation: How you can earn $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 per month trading - even with small capital - and without neglecting your life, family or leisure time
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Discover 3 stock market secrets that no one wants to talk about:

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Simple self-test shows: Why you should IMMEDIATELY pause trading if you are using technical analysis, indicators or Trend Canals

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The the deeper reason why 98% of private traders lose money longterm and why no one talks about it + solution

Secret #3

Secret Formula: How Larry Williams Was Able to Turn $10,000 into $1 Million in just One Year

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Really good, or rather, great webinar explained well and simple. I'll do it like that tomorrow. Hope we hear each other, have a nice day until then."



That was a "real", good masterpiece. Getting so much content across so understandably in such a short time, I am taking my hat off, keep it up!



Thanks for the strategies! This week they worked particularly well. I hope it continues like this. It was definitely worth it!


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About our trading approach:

We didn't just make up the way we trade; but it came out of necessity.

Unfortunately, traditional methods that are taught to every new trader are not promising. Many traders have already figured that out... 

Think about it: If it were easy, then everyone would do it?!

And especially when it comes to making money, the following applies: What EVERYONE does cannot bring success. 

That's why we did our own thinking and fact-checked all claims and theories: The truth was shocking. 

We discovered that the stock market is much more random & unpredictable than most think and there are only a few market edges that can be exploited through strategies.

We only trade the “best” strategies that completely convince us. 

We are also improving these strategies as much as possible.

Only THEN is the market entry and exit refined using conventional methods (Technical Analysis, indicators, etc.).

Our strategies trade in a wide variety of markets, time periods and holding periods.

Why? - Because every market edge is like money lying on the street. 

Personally, I trade between 20 and 30 strategies per year.

Because you can never rely on ONE strategy alone. We have to trade dozens of strategies, all of which are convincing.

Find out more about our “Masterplan” in the Trading Strategies Masterclass

About the presenter:

Frank hat in seiner 9-jährigen Erfahrung an der Börse eines feststellen müssen: Das große Geld an der Börse lässt sich nur abseits des Mainstream-Tradings verdienen.

Um in die Top 1% der Trader zu kommen, darf man nicht mit der Masse schwimmen und sich den "Gurus" anvertrauen. Frank ist der gegenteiligen Meinung von Vielem, was in der Trading-Szene als "Standard" gilt und nennt hierfür auch Gründe.

Frank ist bei seinen Followern dafür bekannt, die unangenehmen Wahrheiten im Trading anzusprechen, sich diesen Problemen zu stellen und sich dann zu fragen, wie man sie lösen kann.

In diesem kostenlosen Online-Training enthüllt Frank viele Geheimnisse, die nahezu niemand kennt - jedoch für erfolgreichen Börsenhandel unverzichtbar sind.

Dieses kostenlose Training wurde entwickelt, um Trading Mythen aufzudecken und Trader auf den Erfolgsweg zu führen. Reserviere also jetzt Deinen Platz, solange die Möglichkeit noch besteht.

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