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What is the Trading Master Program 3.0?

The Trading Master Program 3.0 is a 4-week online training program that teaches you from A to Z all the knowledge, methods & strategies you need to become profitable with stock market trading and scale up to financial freedom.

Proven Success Plan
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The advantages of participating in the TMP 3.0:

Clear red thread

Building on each other, we will show you a clear path from A to Z, which will ultimately lead to success if implemented correctly. Depending on whether you are still missing individual pieces of the puzzle or have just started. Here you get the complete package.

Fast growth opportunities

With the methods and profit tactics of TMP, you also have the opportunity for rapid growth and success. One focus & specialisation of the program is the scaling of our profits. So if you want to go high with trading, there's no getting round this topic.

You rely on experts

My mentors and I bring together a total of over 45 years of trading experience. The content is specifically geared towards private traders. All the expertise that has made us successful is waiting for you!

You avoid costly mistakes

There are countless mistakes in trading that will slowly but surely break your neck. Both on the whole and in detail. Some mistakes you would otherwise only recognise years later - others probably never. Skip all of them by taking part in the TMP.

You have the highest chance of success

The stock market is a game of probabilities. The only question is how to increase them. With the methods and instructions of TMP 3.0, you have the highest probability of long-term & sustainable success.

You save huge amount of time & effort

Time flies by! The TMP is the ultimate shortcut! Otherwise you'd be facing years of demotivation. And even then, your chances of success would be slim.

Finally become an expert yourself

Every participant in the training program will be an expert by the end. This is the only way to become truly independent and the only way anyone can judge whether the strategies I present in the program, for example, are good or not.

Practicable for everyone

Many step-by-step instructions, examples and practical tips make TMP 3.0 realisable for everyone. Even if you don't have much time or capital, it's no problem... Various groups of people have had success with these methods.

Success machinery

Trading success is like clockwork. Many cogwheels keep it running. The TMP 3.0 covers all aspects of trading that are only touched on elsewhere. Focus on them and your results will improve dramatically.

In-house research & development

No unchecked passing on of mainstream standardised advice... The status quo should and must be constantly questioned (especially on the stock market). Own research and own development of promising methods is urgently needed and is applied and even taught in the program.


highly satisfied graduates (From Germany)

4 Week Online Program
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Lifelong Access
Continuous expansion & improvement of the training
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What you will learn within 4 weeks:

Module 1 - The mindset of a top trader

I myself completely underestimated this topic for years. But: It is extremely important and even the most successful people say so when you ask them about it.

In fact, this topic determines whether you will be successful in stock market trading or not. Because if you have the wrong mindset on the stock market, then success is practically impossible for you.

I'll give you an example of how most traders think - especially at the beginning: they have the attitude: "I want to be successful quickly with stock market trading, I don't want to do much for it and if it goes wrong, it's the others' fault..."

It's obvious that you shouldn't have this attitude. However, there are many other wrong attitudes that you should avoid on the stock market and which go far beyond the obvious ones...

Module 2 - The stock market DNA

Module 2 is about the stock market system - I call it the stock market DNA. So it's about in-depth and fundamental characteristics of the stock market and the question of how to beat the market in the long term.

This topic is step 1 of 100, which you MUST pass. Fatally, this topic is completely ignored by the vast majority of people and it doesn't even occur to them to inform themselves about it.

For this reason, many traders trade in circles for years or even decades. Many traders would stop trading immediately if they learnt about stock market DNA.

This is because there are unpleasant truths about the stock market that are not addressed publicly or are greatly trivialised. However, the truth is that only those who know exactly what they are up against can beat it!

Module 3 - Stock Market Psychology Professional

Together with stock market DNA, psychology is one of the main reasons why many traders have not been successful so far.

Traders are often told that they only need to be mentally strong and that it is their own fault if things don't work out on the stock market.

Although this is partly true, it is not the root of all evil. The truth is: the mistake starts much earlier, the problem lies much deeper & the issue of psychology is much more complex! And when you have completed this module, you will only be able to smile at what most other traders understand by "stock market psychology".

The human species is a master of self-deception and is not really made for stock market trading. Anyone who does not deal with the subject of psychology has absolutely no business on the stock market.

Module 4 - The golden checklist for profitable trading strategies

This is the most valuable module, which is a real innovation.

Question for you: What is a "good" strategy? And don't answer with: "One that makes me money"

The question of all questions is: What distinguishes a good strategy from a bad strategy, right? So which strategy is more likely to be successful in the future? You can come up with millions of strategies...

So: What distinguishes sense from nonsense?

This question can only be answered with the knowledge from Module 1 - "The stock market DNA". In trading and on the stock market there is (and will never be) PROOF that a strategy will work in the future.

BUT: There are HINTS that indicate that a strategy will work in the future. And there are quite a few of them... The vast majority of traders often do not recognise a single one of these clues. Profits are therefore only made by luck, which many traders wrongly attribute to their own genius.

Yes, you read that right: Most stock market traders trade strategies that have no indication of being profitable in the future. But that's over now, because I have developed something that will bring a great deal of clarity to the question of what a good strategy is, namely: The golden checklist for profitable trading strategies.

Module 5 - The best day trading strategies

Now that we know the stock market system (M2) and the psychology of the human species inside out (M3) and we know what distinguishes sense from nonsense in trading strategies (M4), we will now talk in depth about the successful application of trading strategies. So we are finally trading...!

Module 5 provides you with a variety of day trading strategies that you can implement immediately & that have given us a lot of pleasure in the past.

These strategies have all been proven to be profitable. We work with statistics to prove it.

In short, I'll show you how to develop, optimise and ultimately implement a strategy correctly and profit-maximisingly from start to finish using my favourite & best day trading strategies in various markets.

Module 6 - The best swing trading strategies

The same from Module 5 also applies to Module 6 - "The best swing trading strategies"

Swing trading strategies have a longer holding period than day trading strategies.

Tip: If you only do day trading, then you should change this and also trade swing trading strategies. In the programme I explain the advantages and disadvantages of day trading (yes, there are also disadvantages)

So you should be open to new things.

In principle, you should have the following attitude: Wherever there is a market advantage, you should want to exploit it. Because market advantages are like money lying on the street - you can just take it. So why leave money lying around?

Module 7 - Mental Strength Level Expert

You now need mental strength so that you can implement the many strategies presented perfectly.

Because up to this point, we have done EVERYTHING to ensure that our strategies are profitable. Mental strength - or the opposite of it - is now the "final opponent", so to speak, that can ruin everything for us.

And simple words are not enough. Everyone else wants to give you mental strength with words. That's not enough. That's why I've created what is probably the most innovative mental strength training there is...

This training is 2 hours long and with this lesson you will finally have the mental strength you need to make successful trades - no matter what the situation.

Module 8 - My best tips & fatal mistakes

I will give you my best tips and tricks that you absolutely need to know and that will greatly improve and facilitate your trading in practice.

At the same time, I will show you fatal mistakes that you probably make every day - without thinking about it - and that either prevent your trading success 100% or worsen it to a certain extent.

There are traders who have made the same mistake for 5 years, then quit trading in frustration and never realise that the simple mistakes they made ultimately prevented them from being successful.

And that's just so tragic when there's someone here (Hey! ) who can tell you all the mistakes in no time.

This will save you years of time and also a lot of money that you will otherwise burn on the stock market (also applies to very advanced traders)

Module 9 - Risk & Money Management Professional

This topic will fundamentally determine where your account balance will be in a year, 5 years or 10 years. This topic is therefore extremely important.

It can make the difference between wealth and account loss. It is highly underestimated.

The methods used by most traders are ineffective and mean that the traders' ambitious goals will probably not be achieved for another 30 years.

You can have the most profitable strategies and implement them perfectly - if you apply modest risk and money management, you will still lose in the end.

At the same time, you shouldn't be surprised if most traders end up with a zero-sum game and never get off the ground. (Does this sound like you? Then apply now!)

Module 10 - The plan to achieve your goals

Each of you has different basic requirements...

One has more capital, the other less... One has more time, the other less... One has higher goals and wants to earn more money in less time than someone else...

And in order to achieve your personal goals, you can't just do what everyone else is doing... It would be madness to lump everyone together... But that's exactly what is often done...

The generalised recommendations that you find out there will not work!... Depending on your capital, you have to trade very differently and pay attention to certain things... Depending on what your goal is, your plan has to be completely different.

That's why we will tailor a plan to each individual situation that each participant has during the training, which, if executed correctly, should achieve your set goal in the set time.

Because "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

And in the stock market there are a lot of wishes... A lot of dreams... And very few achieve them because they don't really take it seriously... We take it seriously and I will help you with it...

Module 11 - Scaling Level Expert

I talk to a lot of traders and most of them have modest goals at first... some want to improve their pension or want to build up a second mainstay or want to earn as much as they do in their job so that they can quit it in the medium term.

But: I also know that these people are aware of the incredible opportunities of stock market trading... Because what is theoretically possible is also possible in practice.

Scaling here means the multiplication of profits. The keyword here is "exponential growth", meaning that you not only generate the same profits over time, but that the profits themselves continue to increase.

To make this possible, you need a strategy for scaling...

If you are interested in this topic, then you are probably in the best place with me, because this topic is one where I really see myself as an absolute expert...

Therefore, in this module you will learn four scaling strategies with which you can multiply your profits exponentially.

Module 12 - Tools for professional trading

One thing should be clear to you: With this training, you will immediately start professional trading. This means: no more half-hearted attempts at trading, just confidence in all areas of trading.

And as a professional trader, you need to be absolutely organised and analyse your trades! In this module, I will provide you with everything you need to round off your professional trading.

I will save you: Weeks of work - weeks of research - time-consuming searches & a lot of effort. In return you get: Professionalism - Experience - Convenience - Quick implementation - Clear step-by-step instructions.

In short: You get all the tools, all the checklists, all the instructions, downloads, cheatsheets, tips and tricks that will improve, automate, organise and analyse your professional trading with little effort.

Bonus 1 - The Wealth Insurance Class

Here I will explain to you how you can earn your living from home with the topic of trading (i.e. not with active trading itself), but with the topic of trading and the stock market.

Both in co-operation with me and on your own, you can build up an income of 1000-5000 Pounds per month.

I will explain everything I mean here. However, there is no upper limit to this option either. It depends on you and how much time you want to invest in this opportunity.

I don't want to reveal too much at this stage... However, there are several ways to generate additional income in co-operation with me or independently.

Bonus 2 - One-Hit-Wonder Strategies

In addition to many day trading & swing trading strategies that trade in a wide variety of markets and which we present in the programme, there are also what I call one-hit-wonder strategies...

These strategies differ from the others in that they do not try to constantly exploit a market advantage over a longer period of time, but try to take advantage of one-off opportunities that can then bring us enormous profits...

These situations are rare, but when they occur, they can bring us a large part of our annual profit... For this we need to understand the basic workings of psychology, how to exploit these opportunities.

With the help of this knowledge, we can make money in any crisis. We need to move away from being part of the stock market crowd and know in advance what the stock market crowd will do in the future. So we don't jump on the bandwagon, we get the train rolling in the first place.

Bonus 3 - Trade small accounts big

Learn the only three ways to effectively trade a small account big (without leverage or other gag contracts and scams that are out there)

There is no magic formula here. However, there are many things you can do wrong & right in this situation. Traders with small accounts in particular need to be extremely well educated and have internalised the basic principles of successful stock market trading.

I have already seen some traders trade a small account in a big way, but this is only possible with the necessary know-how.

Get strategies that have been proven to be profitable.

BUT: Also get the knowledge of why they will continue to be profitable in the future and how you can develop profitable strategies on your own.

So finally become a complete expert yourself and stop "copying" other people's strategies and theories. Because they often only appear to be successful.

You will...

Discover hidden knowledge

Learning to trade from books or the internet is good for a start, but certainly not enough. The problem for many traders is that they don't know the "hidden knowledge" about stock market trading.

Using existing knowledge correctly

Trading has to change radically for many people. However, the knowledge and experience gained in recent years is not useless. On the contrary: you just have to know how to use it correctly.

Learn EVERYTHING about Trading

Traders are not lied to, but they are also not told the full truth, which is essential for success on the stock market. We are changing that.

Who is this 4-week program suitable for?

Advanced traders who have been trading for years but have not yet reached their financial goals: You'll learn the real reason in this webinar.
Trading beginners who want to save years of time and thousands of £ in training fees
You trade CFDs, futures, options, shares, FOREX or similar.
You are open to new things, are highly motivated, not a know-it-all and are happy to listen to unpleasant truths if they help you achieve your goals
You want to finally become independent by becoming a complete stock market expert yourself
Not suitable for people who don't take stock market trading seriously enough
Not suitable for people who are looking for get-rich-quick methods and don't want to do anything about it
Not suitable for absolute stock market novices

Questions & Answers

"What exactly is the 4-week Top Trader program?"

The 4-week program is an online training course in which you are shown everything from A to Z on video and taught what it takes to achieve sustainable success in trading on the stock market.

"Are there any costs involved in participating?"

Of course, participation is associated with costs. However, these costs are comparatively low and represent an investment that will be absolutely worthwhile. Quality has its price and free content is therefore worthless as it does not really want to help traders. In short, if trading was easy, everyone would do it. It just needs a lot more knowledge & help with implementation. The training promises exactly that.

"What happens if I do NOT apply today?"

If you DON'T apply today, you will very probably regret it in a few years' time. The probability of being on the wrong path and therefore having no chance of success on the stock market is very high.

Not only will you always wonder what your life would have been like if you had applied - you will also be very frustrated because so much time and money was wasted that could have been avoided.

That's exactly why I created this program. I was frustrated at the time that I wasted 2 years of my time almost pointlessly because I thought you could learn stock market trading by simply trading and gaining experience. But that's not how it works. I'll be happy to tell you why.

"Who is the Trading Master Program suitable for?"

Actually, I mainly work with (very) advanced private traders. However, "beginners" or slightly advanced traders are also welcome to take part in the training and apply.

The problem is that traders often have to fall flat on their faces on the stock market before they realise that things can't go on like this.

That you should not use the methods, theories and strategies of "mainstream trading".

However, if you want to be sensible and save yourself years of time, a lot of money and a lot of nerves, then you should take part in the training and skip all that.

"I have little time. Is that a problem?"

Not at all. You have lifelong access to the training program. The videos are all available online. So you can take as much time as you like to work through the program.

Trading itself doesn't have to be time-consuming either. There are many strategies that require little time and do not need to be constantly monitored.

It is even better to let trades run without constantly looking at them, as traders often intervene too early in the trade.

"I am a very sceptical person. What should I do?"

I think that's great! That's exactly the kind of person I'm looking for. Why? Because you should scrutinise pretty much everything on the stock market. I myself am also a very sceptical person and trust almost nobody. And even I took the wrong approach to stock market trading for 2 years. Your attitude is a good prerequisite for success. Stock market trading is different than many people think, but you have to learn that from someone else. You are very welcome to ask me any critical questions. That's why you should apply.

Application phase ends in:

The timer has expired!

Who I am & why I do this

Hi, my name is Frank and I am from Germany. You've probably never heard of me. And that's a good thing. Because competition is fierce on the stock market. The stock market is pure redistribution of money. Profitable methods and strategies only remain successful in the shadows.

What everyone knows can no longer bring any edge. Otherwise everyone would do it. That's why I stay somewhat under the "radar".

In my 10 years of experience on the stock market, I have realised one thing: The big money on the stock market can only be made away from mainstream trading.

To make it into the top 1% of traders, you can't swim with the crowd and put your trust in the "gurus". I am often of the opposite opinion to what is considered "standard" in the trading scene and also give well-founded reasons for this.

I am known among my "followers" for addressing the unpleasant truths in trading, facing up to these problems and then asking myself how they can be solved. That is the basic prerequisite for success.

Trading has already enabled me to fulfil a few wishes that others my age can't afford. My next dream is to live in New York City. It's true: Trading & stock market trading offers great opportunities that you can't find anywhere else. However, in order to be able to utilise these opportunities, you absolutely need the necessary know-how. Traders vastly underestimate how much knowledge is needed. In the first 2 years, I learnt everything there was to know about trading - books, webinars, videos, internet blogs. However, with the help of my mentor, I learnt 30 times more afterwards. Knowledge that cannot be found in the public domain. In the end, trading is super simple. However, most traders have taken a wrong turn and are on the completely wrong path to making money on the stock market. I want to show traders the right way to save them from wasting years of time and tens of thousands of euros on things that simply can't work in the long term.

About our trading approach:

We didn't just make up the way we trade, it was born out of necessity.

The conventional methods that are taught to every new trader are unfortunately not promising. Many traders have already realised this...

Think about it: if it were easy, everyone would do it!

And especially when it comes to "money", the following applies: What EVERYONE does cannot bring success.

That's why we did our own research and fact-checked all the claims and theories: The truth was frightening.

We had to realise that the stock market is largely determined by chance and that there are only a few market edges that can be exploited through strategies.

We only trade the "best" strategies that fully convince us.

We also improve these strategies as much as possible.

Only THEN do we refine the entry & exit from the market using conventional methods (charting, indicators, etc.).

Our strategies trade in a wide variety of markets, time periods & holding periods.

Why? - Because every market edge is like money lying on the street.

I personally trade between 20 and 30 strategies per year.

Because you can never rely on ONE strategy. We have to trade dozens of strategies, all of which are convincing.

Find out more about our "Masterplan" by applying without obligation.

What are you waiting for?

Note: I only accept a few traders into the programme. An application is therefore only possible within a short period of time. This is not a marketing ploy. I prefer to work with a few people who really WANT it, rather than many people who are only half-heartedly taking on this challenge.

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