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Long Story short

Do you want to be a Millionaire with a lot of freedom and no stress? 

Then this could be your Chance. 

Hi, my name is Frank from Germany and I am searching for 1 Person, that wants (and is able) to copy my Trading Consulting Business which is already very successful and makes money 95% automatically in the German speaking Market. 

In this Business I am selling an Online-Education-Programm teaching people how to generate income with Trading the Stock Market.

I am doing it for 10 years now – optimized the sales funnel in every detail. The Information I am teaching is very unique and I also invested a lot of time improving the learning material.

For a couple of years I am thinking to go international with this Business, but decided now to NOT do that myself but give someone else all the material he (or she) needs to run this business like I do successfully in my country.

You need some time (maybe 1 Month) to implement all the stuff but from then on you have a money printing machine with little to no effort.

Sounds too good to be true, hm? Well, let's see...

If you are interested in this kind of opportunity, then please read the following text very attentively.

Note: I will not cover every Detail about everything here in this text. If I 'hooked' you and you are a potential companion, we can go into the Details.


Quick Overview

1. How the Business looks like

2. Cooperation Explanation

3. Who I am searching for

4. Next Step's

PRODUCT | Funnel | USP

1. How the Business looks like

About the Product

Again: It is an Online-Education-Programm teaching people how to generate income with Trading the Stock Market. I think everyone knows the big opportunities Trading can give. With Leverage it is THEORETICALLY possible to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. The Stuff I (or should I say 'we'?) are teaching is NOT a "Get-rich-Quick" kinda thing but a long-term oriented approach. More on that later.

After buying the Product, people get access to the privat area of the course. In this area are 56 Videos available with a summarized Length of approximately 50 hours of Content. The Content is divided in 4 Weeks and different kind of Modules. It is a Self-Learning-Course. Additionally they get various kinds of Support within the 4 Weeks and after.

The general Promise of the Product: 'Be a profitable Trader within 28 Days and get financially free within 6-12 Months'

Here is a quick insight of the course:

About the Funnel

The Funnel is simple, but very effective.

The majority of the Traffic comes from Facebook Ads. They get invited to a free Webinar where Trading Strategies are shown. At the End of the Webinar comes the Pitch for the Product. I had various Prices for the Product in the Past. It ranged from 600 € up to 2000 €. It was all profitable.

The degree of automation is very high. Facebook Ads are automated, the Webinar is a prerecorded Video that appears to be a Live Webinar (using the Software Everwebinar) and the Product is an online course with prerecorded Videos.

Because of Facebook Ads the scalability is also very likely.

The Return on Investment is above 10 to 1. So for every €,$ or £ I get 10 back. This is a very very good rate. Even a Rate of 2 to 1 would be fine.

There are also different other Funnels possible and were also used in the past. 

In addition to Facebook Ads there are other Traffic Sources possible of course.

Instead of selling at the end of the Webinar, the invite for a free 'strategy session' aka Sales Call is also very effective. I made hundreds of Sales Calls in the Past and can give you the perfect Sales Script.

I also wrote a Book. It can also be used as a Lead-Magnet or as a strong trust building element to warm up "Doubters" within the funnel.

The title of the Book is 'With the Trading Truth to financial Freedom' – you would get the rights to sell the english version with your name on it.

Why people are buying this Programm with a high Conversion Rate

I have Information about the Stock Market that others don't have. And this Information gives us the advantage to be successful with Trading. Now, if you are reading this, you are probably thinking in a completely wrong direction.

The Information I have, contains very big Problems about the Stock Market. Problems, that do not get discussed by most Traders, Coaches, Brokers etc.

So there are some brutal truths out there that nobody wants to talk about (either because they don't know about it or they don't know how to solve this problems). This Truths are the reason why 98% of Traders do not have any chance to be longterm successful (study's show this).

This is our USP: We are telling Traders the truth and show facts – therefore people trust us and want to know how our plan looks like to get rid of this problems, get profitable and achieve their financial dreams.

I thought years about how to solve this problems and created a 9-step-plan to achieve that:

Trading is not as simple as some would think. Most of the techniques are not working (anymore) – therefore the program is a MUST to achieve success. This is not just a phrase – I really MEAN it. This Program helps Traders to save YEARS of going in the wrong direction.

My Mentor is a 60 year old PhD Physicist with 30 years of trading experience. He doesn't talk bullshit like 99% of other Trading Coaches do, but has a scientific, factual approach. Our job is to 'translate' the rather complex stuff into 'normal' language so everyone understands (don't worry, I have already done that).

We don't guarantee success with our plan because nobody can give guarantees at the stock market. We do not trick people and we aren't scammers. We just tell them the truth and try our best to help them.

With this attitude people trust us, give us money and are even thankful for it most of the time.

Every Online-Marketer is only one Funnel away from getting a Millionaire.

Even tho this kind of Funnel is very simple, there are a lot of people out there that got Millionaire or even Multi-Millionaire with it. 

But it isn't easy as it might sound. 

You have to know your target Group better than they do themself. You have to have real expertise and you have to know how to make people buy something from you.

In my 10 years in this niche I have talked to over one thousand Traders and know every Word they like and every Word they don't want to hear to get them to buy my program.

All this experience made me a fortune – and I can hand it all over to you.

process | obligations | agreement

2. Cooperation Explanation

Im searching for someone who is the Face and the Voice of the business. You will be a 'copy' of myself and do the same stuff (or even more) as I do.

Fun Fact: I am actually not advertising with my Face... Which means: People are buying my program without ever seeing my face. You can do the same thing but it would be good if you have no problem with showing your face.

Why do I even need you?

You are  probably asking yourself why I am searching someone instead of just doing it myself or just pay someone to do the work and get the majority of the income myself.

There are multiple reasons for this:

Reason 1: I am not able to do it: 

My English Speaking Skills are good, but not perfect. In Marketing you need to appear very confident and this is not possible for me speaking English. In the German Market I can talk very convincingly, I know a lot of words and I sound trustworthy. This is why I can market without even showing my face. I am 31 years old but I look like 23... Thats also not good for Marketing (I've tested it) Thats why I need someone who can do it better than me and does know the people in his own country.

Reason 2: I am already very happy and too lazy to do it myself

I made my money – and I am still making money without doing much. I invested the earnings from the past years into stocks and real estate. I want to enjoy life now.

Reason 3: Im kinda done with the Trading Stuff...

I am in this industry for 10 years now and I am kinda done with it. Of course I still want to make money from it, but I want to do that with as little effort as possible. I realised that it drains my energy. I am already working on other projects that are more entertaining to me.

Reason 4: I want someone to be 'invested' in this project.

The main reason is that I want someone to be 'invested' in this project – not particularly with money, but rather with his mind, emotions and motivation. Therefore the chances are higher that the business makes even more profit.

Reason 5: Convenience

You will be kind of a manager who will solve problems by your own and is seeking to make the business better. Therefore it is much more convenient for me and i don't have to babysit every day.

What you have to do

At first we will recreate the English Version of the Funnel. Therefore you have to voice in the Webinar Script I will give you. When the Funnel is ready, we will test if people would buy the Product or not. Therefore you have to run Facebook Ads on your own Account.

If we have proof that the Funnel works, you have to create the actual Product. That means you have to voice in the Script for every Video Lecture.

You will also help me translate all kinds of stuff: We will use Translation Software but you have to make the copy and the Scripts more perfect.

After a while: You have to store the Books and send it out to buyers (Note: You just need space for 100 Books or sth in the beginning)

If everything works out like in my case in Germany, the Business will make money 95% automatically. The 5% are the following tasks:

You have to answer questions from potential and existing customers.

You have to manage E-Mail-Marketing contacts and send out E-Mail-Newsletter from time to time.

You have to send out SMS-Reminder to Webinar Registrants.

You have to make personal Video Messages to Contacts with high Interest.

You have to manage Facebook Ads (I will teach you).

You have to talk to potential Clients on the phone when they wish for it.

You have to improve the Course Content from time to time.

If the Funnel works, everything's fine. We can scale and basically 'print' money. In my opinion it is very likely that the Funnel will work because it is working very well in Germany, so why shouldn't it work elsewhere?

If the Funnel does somehow NOT work, we have to change some things and test around a bit until the Funnel works. First thing to change would be the Sales Pitch. Instead of the Sale in the Webinar, the Sales Call comes in place. You have to do those Sales Calls. Sales Calls are much more effective.

In addition to all of that there is much more possible and it would get us much more money. For example:

A Youtube Channel

Social Media Marketing

Organic Marketing

Offline Events


Actual Live (Online-)Events

and more...

If you are open to do this kind of stuff then it would be good. But it is not required.

What I will do for you

Generally speaking I am giving you ALL the stuff I have and show you what to do, so it has the highest chance of success.

Facebook Ads: I will give you all the Images, Copy and Knowledge on how to make a successful Ad Campaign. 

Website: I will make all the Websites (Landing Page / Thank you Page / Checkout Page etc.) with Copy, Images and everything – optimized over the years.

Course Plattform: I will create the course Plattform and integrate Video-Lectures, Texts and all of that.

Video Production: I will cut and produce Course Video Lectures and will teach you how to do it yourself (good ability for future stuff)

Webinar: I will give you the Script on what to say, I will train you on how to speak convincingly, I will cut your Audio, i will make the Presentation Slides, I will upload the Video, I will use Everwebinar Software and configure it.

Book: I will translate the Book, let it print and send it to you.

E-Mail Marketing: I will translate my E-Mail-Marketing Follow-Up Sequences and integrate it into my Email-Marketing-Software (which you can use) – Highly effective E-Mails get then send out automatically to every Lead.

Sales Script for Sales Calls: If necessary I will give you my Sales Script  for Sales Calls which I`ve optimized over the years.

Coaching and Consulting: I will assist you in every part of the business. I will train you to get better, you can ask me any questions, I will inform you about new Knowledge I get and I want to be the 'Mastermind' behind the business. I invest in a lot of Online-Marketing-Knowledge like Masterminds, Courses and Coaching-Programs. I will give you everything I know.

Plus more that probably doesn't come to my mind right now...

My biggest concern

Put yourself in my situation: You invested all of your 20's into this project to build a successful automated business. Now you want to work with someone and tell him all your secrets about the stock market and about your Funnel – also trying to participate on it.

My concern is obviously that someone just 'steels' all of my stuff and I get left behind.

This concern has to be tackled in our Agreement.

I want to have the 'upper Hand' of the business.

The Agreement between us

Right now I am still unsure on how the Agreement between us could look like. We have to talk this one out and you can also think about how we can do it.

What is clear to me is that you will definitely get a percentage for every Pound/Dollar the business generates. Reason for this is that you need to be motivated to make the business bigger and bigger.

You should also get a good amount of the percentage. So u don't get only 10% for example – you should get much more.

Furthermore you should NOT have a big financial risk to start this Cooperation with me – that is no problem btw. because you get all the software, Knowledge and other stuff I've already bought. If everything works out like I planned, we will be able to make money relatively fast and without any starting capital.

I want to make one thing very clear: This agreement and the Cooperation in general is the best thing that can happen to someone.

You can copy an already proven business and Sales System that was highly profitable for years and will most likely work for years to come. You don't have to do much but be a Person who I can trust and who has the will to make the business thrive.

Therefore this opportunity would be a very very very very very extremely good Chance for you. 

It is the chance to have an awesome Life and built tremendous wealth from which your children and even your grandchildren will profit from.

If this isn't very clear to you, then please do not apply for this kind of opportunity.


It should be clear to you that without me, you would NOT have this kind of successful business. This is also the case in the future – for example after 3 years.

I am giving someone this big opportunity because I am already successful and don't care if someone gets more then he or she actually 'deserves'. 

I just want to be the Mastermind behind all of that... I already have all the Knowledge, connections and Plans, on how we can make this business even more successful and even market in different countries all over the world.

Experience | Character | Demographics

3. Who I am searching for

Note 1: It is very likely that you ARENT'T the 'One' I am searching for. But: If you know someone who could be a good fit and it actually turns out that we work together – you will get rewarded with 1000 £. Only Condition: The Person has to say your name.

Note 2: You don't have to Check all of the following points. Probably nobody can... So if you think you are a good fit, then apply anyway.

I am searching for someone (men or woman) who has the following characteristics:

You should have Online-Marketing Knowledge – ideally you should be in the Online-Marketing-Space for quite some time and have the respect for this kind of successful business. Building an automated Funnel with high earnings is the supreme discipline of Online-Marketing that everyone desires. For a Rookie it probably sounds very simple to achieve this results and they think it has something to do with Luck or Fraud or something like that. In Reality it needed many years to figure all this stuff out. You should know about the basics of a Funnel and Marketing in general.

You should have Trading Knowledge – ideally you should be interested in Trading for a while and you were eager to learn as much as possible about Trading. Ideally you watched every Youtube Video, read every Book and traded various kinds of Theories and Strategies. Ideally you are already a Trading Coach or you made content about Trading or have a Fanbase or something like that. Even better would be the case, that you know how to work with Microsoft Excel and know how to backtest strategies (not necessary)

You should be between the age of 26 and 49.

You should be kind of smart but not too smart so people can't get along with you. Ideally you have higher education.

Ideally you have some kind of Knowledge about starting a business. Ideally you already started a business or have an existing business.

You should have a lot of drive/motivation to make this business very successful and make a lot of money.

You should know how to talk in a confident and convincing way – ideally you already created Videos or Audios and have a good Voice and Speaking capabilities.

You should know how to sell and you should't be afraid to take big amounts of money from people.

You should have time - especially at the beginning.

Ideally you are from the UK, US or Australia.

You should speak English fluently and without any weird accent.

You should have self discipline.

You should NOT be a Dopamin-Addict that is on Social Media half of the day or has other addictions that isn't good for running a business.

You should be politically 'moderate' and NOT extremist.

You should be emphatic and have the skill to get along with pretty much every kind of person.

You should be interested in Science – ideally you like watching Documentations or work / have worked / studied in a scientific field.

You should have respect for scientific work. You prefer Facts instead of feelings and opinions.

You should have some Money in your Bank Account – I don't want to work with poor people who don't know how to manage their money.

Your Personality should be interesting and friendly. People should not feel bad giving you money (if you know what I mean). Don't be a Retard.

You should have a neat appearance - ideally you are kind of attractive.

You should have a FB Account and be willing to pay for Ads. (Don't worry: The invested money comes back rather quickly)

You should have good English grammar and spelling capabilities.

You should be affine with Social Media, Youtube, FB and the World Wide Web in general.

Ideally you already know how to work with cameras and know how to make good Photos and Videos.

4. Next Steps

If you think you could be a good fit, then the next step would be an application by you.

At first you just give me your best E-Mail-Adress and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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