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Yes Frank, I would find it exciting if you would help me to become more successful with stock market trading & would like to book a strategy session!

That pleases me! For years I have enjoyed talking to fellow traders. You can add huge value in a very short time and correct many expensive errors or, on the whole, point the right way. By the way, the conversation or coaching is completely free and will take about 30 minutes.

The two advantages of the strategy session at a glance:

Advantage 1: Analysis of your situation + personal success planning

If you have never spoken to anyone else about trading offline on the phone, then you should change that as soon as possible.

Back then, when I started out, I tried everything on my own and only wanted to get information on the Internet ... That was the biggest mistake of my life. When, by chance, I met someone who had over 25 years of trading experience and I spoke to him, a lot suddenly changed for the better.

What we will discuss:

What are your goals and what should the plan be to achieve them
Analysis of why you have not been able to achieve your goals so far
What other traders in a similar situation changed to achieve their goals
What you should definitely pay attention to so as not to block your chances from the start
Honest, blunt coaching, even with unpleasant truths, but which will lead you to success

If you have any questions for me, you are welcome to ask them in the telephone coaching. However, I'll be the one who will ask most of the questions. I simply know best how you can get the most added value out of coaching. From the experience of some coaching in recent years, I know that traders often ask questions that are not expedient.

Advantage 2: Possibility to join an exclusive trader group

If it turns out that it fits between us and that I can still help you, I will invite you to take part in a program.

This program catapults traders straight into the top 1%. (In truth 0.01% or even less, but that sounds incredible to many ...)

The Goals and Milestones of the Program:

Milestone 1:

After completing the 6-week program, participants should be able to trade profitably.

Milestone 2:

The graduates should have achieved their goals within the next 6-12 months.

So far, you've only found out about trading on the internet or from books?

These media are only expanding. Here you will find knowledge & know-how about what goes in depth.

Discover hidden knowledge

Use existing knowledge correctly

Take problems seriously and solve them

The 6-step success plan:

Step 1: crack the code of the stock exchange DNA

Can we crack the code? Why is there no exchange formula? Why do so many traders fail? And what approach can you really use to beat the stock market?

Step 2: win the game with probabilities

What is the difference between sense and nonsense in a trading strategy? What qualities should a strategy have in order to make money in the future? 

Step 3: Success through correct implementation

How do you develop profitable trading strategies? How are strategies optimally implemented? How can we get the most out of a strategy? Which cardinal errors should one avoid?

Step 4: Scale up profits & make the impossible possible

What scaling strategies are there in order to achieve ambitious goals? What mistakes are there that make our goals unattainable? What are the right decisions specific to individual situations?

Step 5: Constant improvement & profit maximization

How can you really improve? What do I have to consider in order to get the most out of profits? What tools do I need to be optimally prepared?

Step 6: Discover the 95% hidden knowledge on the subject of stock market psychology and become even more successful

Why is psychology the number one reason so many traders fail? Why is the human species not made for stock market trading? Which Psychological Killers Can Prevent Success?

"Rocket" strategy package

Variety of trading strategies to get started right away.

Millionaires mindset

Adopt the mindset of the most successful people.

The prosperity insurance

Various possibilities to generate a main / additional income.

Exclusive Facebook group

Join a community of top traders.

Access to all of my knowledge, strategies and tools is only possible through prior application. I would like to find out whether the participants are suitable & whether some criteria are met that are important to me.

I want to get to know traders a little more personally by listening to their goals, ideas and their previous experiences on the stock market. I only work with traders who are reasonably serious and don't see the stock market as a casino.

Who I am & why I do this

My name is Frank Löffler and in my 6 years of experience on the stock exchange I have had to realize one thing: Big money on the stock exchange can only be earned outside of mainstream trading.

To get into the top 1% of traders, one must not swim with the crowd and confide in the "gurus". I am often of the opposite opinion of many things that are considered "standard" in the trading scene, and I give well-founded reasons for this.

I am known by my "followers" for addressing the unpleasant truths in trading, facing these problems, and then wondering how to solve them. That is the basic requirement for success.

Trading has already made a number of wishes come true for me that others my age cannot afford. My next dream: to live in New York City. It's true: Trading & stock market trading offers great opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. However, in order to be able to take advantage of these opportunities, you need the necessary know-how. Traders grossly underestimate how much knowledge it takes. In the first 2 years I learned everything there was about trading - books, webinars, videos, internet blogs. Nevertheless, with the help of my mentor, I learned 30 times more afterwards. Know which is not publicly available. Most traders are completely wrong about how to make money in the stock market. I want to show traders the right way to save them from wasting years of time and tens of thousands of dollars on things that just can't work in the long term.

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Note: If the calendar does not load after a few seconds, please refresh this page

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